Energy Crossing II



  • Located within Edmonton city limits inside the World Class Edmonton Energy & Technology Park, which is part of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.
  • The Alberta Industrial Heartland has over $46 billion invested to date (May, 2018), and $15+ billion in projects announced or under construction.
  • The Edmonton Energy and Technology Park is being actively promoted by Edmonton Planning and Development, Edmonton Economic Development, and by the Alberta government represented by Alberta Finance and Enterprise.
  • This 80 acre land parcel has Meridian street frontage.
  • The land parcel is located both in the Petrochemical Cluster permitted land use area, as well as the Business Industrial land use area, comprised of approximately 50% each.
  • The anticipated future path of the LRT is near the southeast corner of the land parcel.
  • Major highways to the west, south, and east, and near the juncture of highways serving Northern Alberta and Ft. McMurray.
  • Downtown Edmonton, Edmonton Municipal Airport and major population centers are all within a short 20 minute drive.
  • Pristine, gently rolling high land.

Why Edmonton, Alberta?

  • Edmonton is the transportation, logistics, research, and manufacturing hub of the oil sands and northern development, and a world leader in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.
  • More than $172 billion in private sector projects have been announced or are planned for the Edmonton service area. We have a diversified local economy with a GDP greater than $85 billion.
  • Our manufacturing sector…now Canada’s second largest manufacturing cluster, is second only to Ontario’s Golden Triangle.
  • Alberta has in excess of 176 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, amongst the largest in the world.



Area Structure Plan Approved:  On June 9, 2010, the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park (EETP) achieved final Area Structure Plan (ASP or “Master Plan”) approval with the passage of Bylaw 15093. As a result, the permitted land use in the subject area has changed from agricultural to industrial. Development Regulations Approved: On May 2011 with the passage of Bylaw 15643, which amended Bylaw 12800 to adopt Section 970 “Special Area”, the development regulations for EETP were approved by Edmonton City Council.

On September 8, 2014, Edmonton City Council unanimously passed Bylaw 16767. The amendments now allow NGL (Natural Gas Liquids) production within the Edmonton Energy and Technology Park. This also expands the types of companies that can build within the boundaries. In addition; the building height and footprint restrictions were relaxed. This provides additional interest for the EETP.

On January 23, 2018, two new EETP-related bylaws were passed by Edmonton City Council. Bylaw 18096 realigns the EETP Arterial Roadway Network, merges the Manufacturing and Logistics Land Use Precincts to form one “Medium Industrial Land Use Precinct,” and better describes the Eco-industrial vision. Bylaw 18097 adds an amendment to Bylaw 12800 to create a new Special Area zone called EETIM: Edmonton Energy Technology Park Medium Industrial Zone. This allows virtually any type of business to be located and operated within the EETP.


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