About Us

Our Vision

 To create a better society through innovation, sustainable growth, and leadership.

Our Mission

Commit to long-term value creation for our shareholders, business partners, and employees with sound and visionary leadership.

Gain a deep understanding of our customer’s needs, and demonstrate the enthusiasm and drive to fulfill their dreams.

Care for and support our communities, and protect future generations by respecting our environment.

Who We Are

Yorkton Group is an award-winning full-service diversified real estate asset management and development company.

Our core business areas include land development, home building, commercial construction, leasing, real estate brokering, hotel operations, real estate investment, development, and asset management.

Yorkton Group has been in business since 1989, growing from its Edmonton home base to encompass interests and investments in real estate that span the globe.

What We Do

In addition to our property development and management activities, Yorkton Group creates exceptional value for our stakeholders by offering secure, professionally managed, hassle-free investment opportunities in a diverse array of real estate properties that range from land development projects to luxury condominiums and commercial properties.

Exhaustive Research

Yorkton Group believes exhaustive research and top-down analysis of properties, careful analysis of macro and micro economic conditions, shrewd market timing, patience, and persistence provide the foundation and are the basis of sound real estate investing, minimizing risk and achieving superior returns for its shareholders.

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