The Energy Crossing III Project for investors and clients has SOLD OUT

Highlights of Energy Crossing III:

  • Located within Edmonton city limits inside the World Class Edmonton Energy & Technology Park, and on the path towards Alberta’s Industrial Heartland consisting of projects as of 2018, valued at well over $46 billion.
  • This 80 acre land parcel is located at the intersection of, and fronting onto, Meridian Street and 227 Avenue.
  • The land parcel is located in its entirety within the Petrochemical Cluster permitted land use area.
  • The anticipated future path of the LRT is near the southeast corner of the land parcel.
  • Major highways to the west, south, and east, and near the juncture of major highways serving Northern Alberta and Ft. McMurray.
  • Downtown Edmonton, Edmonton Municipal Airport and major population centers are all within a short 20 minute drive.
  • Pristine, gently rolling high land.


Energy Crossing III was sold as a securities offering, located as shown within the World Class Edmonton Energy and Technology Park. 

Opportunities were available for cash purchases, and new contributions or transfers into the following type of deferred plan accounts:

  • RRSP Registered Retirement Savings Plan
  • TFSA Tax-Free Savings Account
  • LRSP Locked in Retirement Savings Plan (LIRA)


Permitted Zoning:

The permitted zoning of Energy Crossing III is Petrochemical Cluster land use, having among the highest expected land value per acre in the ASP area.

Areas with such zoning may house petrochemical and natural gas related facilities, consistent with medium industrial developments.

Upgrades to the existing road networks, as well as new roads and highways are anticipated.

Energy Crossing III purchasers will enjoy the following Benefits:

  • You will have ownership in the Lands, by way of share ownership in the Issuer.
  • You will benefit from 100% of the net profits derived from the future sale or development of the Lands, in direct proportion to your share holdings in the Issuer.
  • After you have purchased the shares of the Issuer, you will not be required to incur any further out of pocket expenses by the Issuer, at any time.

Why Edmonton, Alberta?

  • Edmonton is the transportation, logistics, research, and manufacturing hub of the oilsands and northern development, and a world leader in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries.
  • More than $172 billion in private sector projects have been announced or are planned for the Edmonton service area. We have a diversified local economy with a GDP greater than $85 billion.
  • Our manufacturing sector…now Canada’s second largest manufacturing cluster, is second only to Ontario’s Golden Triangle.
  • Alberta has in excess of 176 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, amongst the largest in the world.


This document is for general information purposes only, and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. Any offerings of securities will only be conducted using the Issuer’s Offering Memorandum prepared in accordance with applicable securities laws. You should carefully read the Offering Memorandum of the Issuer before making any decision to invest. This document does not disclose or discuss the several risk factors associated with the particular real estate investment.   Under applicable securities laws, exempt securities can only be purchased by way of an Offering Memorandum or by way of the “accredited investor” exemption. See the Issuer’s Offering Memorandum for more information. Excluding fees that may be charged by the financial institution administering your self-directed deferred plan account, where applicable.